About Us

Simple. Smarter. Faster. And greener. DBC is a part of the future.

We’ve been a part of the global business community for some time now. And received many accolades for the what we deliver. Right from the start we knew we had to keep things simple and easy. And we built every aspect of DBC around this philosophy. We ensured it was easy to personalize, that it had all the features technology would allow and most importantly, it was able to evolve as the tech developed further.

Now as we enter the American business world we have kept everything the same but with a few improvements. We have added features that suit the American professional environment. All legal and personal considerations have been looked into.

One thing has not changed and never will. That is our commitment to a greener world for all of us.

Expand your digital footprint

As the world gets smaller your digital footprint needs to get bigger. That is the new currency today. DBC fits in with this reality. It allows you share and network using all the platforms you want to add.

The MIC Drop Approach!

Modern. Interactive. Convenient! DBC integrates all your information and shares it exactly the way you want. It gives you an edge in the corporate world and ups your game. In one click it leave behind a world of handing out paper cards knowing that most will be lost or forgotten. DBC makes sure you and your information are on hand all the time. Once shared you know the person will have the means to reach out whenever they need to.