Your Business, Your Way!The Ease of DBC Smart Cards
Digital Business Card

Your Business, Your Way! The Ease of Using DBC Smart Cards

In our contemporary digital landscape, smart business cards have redefined the dynamics of networking, offering a substantial upgrade to traditional approaches. Notably, about 88% of paper business cards face swift disposal within a week, often containing limited information. In contrast, smart business cards harness the power of Near Field Communication (NFC) and QR code technologies, providing a dynamic avenue for effective networking and business promotion.

Utilizing a short-range wireless network, these cards facilitate seamless information exchange between paired devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and the smart card itself. In the age of digital dominance, a digital business card becomes a potent tool for creating memorable interactions, allowing for effortless sharing of contact details with a simple tap. The innovative features of smart business cards extend beyond the conventional, enabling connections on the go and enhancing networking opportunities, even in virtual settings.

With customizable options ranging from basic contact details to direct links and personal landing pages, smart business cards offer a multi-layered, paperless solution, ensuring a lasting impression and seamless integration with CRM tools. This guide serves as your compass to navigate the world of smart cards, providing insights on crafting a remarkable and memorable business card for the digital age.

What Exactly is a Small Business Card and How Does it Work?

A smart business card, also known as an NFC business card, operates seamlessly by establishing a connection with smartphones, smartwatches, or similar devices upon physical contact. The interaction is effortless – a mere tap of the card on a compatible mobile phone initiates sharing your business details, offering a convenient and modern networking experience.

To create and wield a smart business card effectively, you need three essential components: a business card, software for designing your card, and a smart device capable of receiving digital information. The design process provides limitless possibilities, granting you full control over colours, business information, logos, graphics, and even the incorporation of various media files.

Imagine the impact of effortlessly impressing prospects and stealing the spotlight at your next networking event. With a quick tap of your NFC card on any supported phone, you can seamlessly share content, making networking a breeze – anytime, anywhere. This technological advancement not only enhances convenience but also elevates your networking prowess, ensuring you stand out in the digital age.

Who All Can Take Benefit from Smart Business Cards?

Digital business cards are valuable networking tools for professionals across various industries, extending beyond the tech sphere. While beneficial for any professional, smart cards prove particularly indispensable for certain groups:

i) Agents and Brokers

Professionals in real estate, such as agents and brokers, heavily rely on networking for client acquisition and deal-making. DBC smart cards offer many features tailored for lead generation and fostering meaningful engagement with prospects.

Real estate agents can seamlessly showcase their most attractive offers and promptly provide the necessary documentation to validate deals.

ii) Sales Professionals

For sales professionals, digital business cards serve as a centralized hub for assembling and managing their entire marketing arsenal. From crafting impactful elevator pitches to housing white papers and product landing pages, smart cards streamline the process. 

Additionally, the integration of analytics enables sales experts to monitor the performance of their smart cards, while lead management tools facilitate consistent communication with potential clients.

iii) Healthcare Professionals

In the critical world of healthcare, virtual visiting cards become an indispensable tool for medical experts. Whether responding to emergencies or seizing networking opportunities, these cards eliminate the need to carry a load of medical credentials. By swiping their card on any device, healthcare professionals can instantly download and present all their essential medical IDs and certifications.

iv) Freelancers and Job Seekers

For freelancers and job seekers, a digital business card is more than a contact detail provider—it’s a game-changer. Beyond presenting an image of forward-thinking innovation, smart business cards facilitate an impactful first impression.

DBC smart cards empower individuals to showcase their best work, leaving a lasting mark, and offer diverse options for following up with potential employers or clients.

Optimizing Your Smart Business Card for the Best Output

Smart Business Card for the Best Output

Embrace Essential Features

When venturing into the realm of smart cards, simplicity often prevails. You don’t need an overwhelming array of features to make your Digital Business Card (DBC) stand out. Prioritize essential elements like NFC technology, a user-friendly interface, efficient document scanners, seamless sharing integrations, and communication tools. Opt for smart cards supporting dynamic QR codes for hassle-free updates, ensuring your digital presence is always up-to-date.

Strategic Planning for Content

Before diving into the creation process, gather all necessary inputs. Beyond your basic contact details, prepare multimedia files, PDFs, presentations, web links, images, and videos. This strategic approach streamlines the card-making process, allowing you to create a comprehensive and impactful digital business card that resonates with your audience.

Personalized Brand Elements

Dive into the wealth of customization options available in the Sailax DBC smart cards to tailor your card to your brand identity. Incorporate your brand colours, logos, trademarks, and feature images and videos that align with your brand aesthetics. Making your business card visually distinctive leaves a lasting impression and enhances memorability.

Strategic Typography

Give special attention to the text elements, especially your name and job details – the core components of your smart card. Employ unique fonts that resonate with your brand identity, but maintain a balance to ensure readability. Experiment with eye-catching text styles such as double spacing and bold formatting to add a touch of uniqueness without sacrificing clarity.

Strategic Link Placement

Given that much of your digital business card’s value lies in the links it carries—be it to web pages, landing pages, or social media profiles—strategically position these links near the beginning of your card. Enhance the visibility of crucial links, increasing the likelihood of engagement and clicks.

Building Credibility with Reviews

Leverage the power of positive reviews and customer testimonials to bolster your credibility. Incorporate snippets from favourable reviews directly into your card. If feasible, provide links to prominent review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook Reviews, offering interested parties direct access to authentic testimonials.

Strategic Placement of CTAs

Strategically insert Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout your digital business card. Recognize that your audience might need guidance in addressing their challenges. Prompt them to take actions that foster deeper engagement, such as subscribing to newsletters, sharing content on social media, or making a purchase.

Confident Card Sharing

Embrace the sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality of your DBC smart card with pride. Be proactive in sharing it whenever an opportunity arises. Seamlessly integrate it into your email signature and social media profiles. Instead of reciting your number, confidently tap your card on someone’s phone for a memorable exchange.

Next-Level Networking with Sailax DBC Smart Business Cards

Although traditional paper business cards still have their place, embracing the shift to virtual business cards can provide a significant advantage at networking events.

While it’s acceptable to carry a handful of printed cards, having a smart business card in your repertoire minimizes the need for extensive distribution. A smart card not only streamlines networking but also contributes to cost reduction, reduces clutter in recipients’ drawers, and aligns with environmentally conscious practices.

Whether you opt for a free version or invest in a customizable, high-conversion smart card, it’s time to enhance your networking toolkit. Make the transition today and experience the seamless, eco-friendly, and efficient way of exchanging information. Upgrade your networking game with Sailax DBC smart business cards and make a positive impact on your connections and the planet!

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Digital Business Card

8 Smart Ways to Utilize Your NFC Business Cards

Welcome to the era of digital networking, where innovative tech companies are revolutionizing interactions. Sailax DBC is committed to providing a seamless experience in creating electronic visiting cards, setting you apart in this dynamic environment. Get ready to explore the power of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and leave a lasting impression on potential partners and clients.

Join us as we delve into the world of NFC digital business cards and their transformative impact on connectivity in the tech realm. We’re thrilled to introduce DBC NFC cards, the ultimate networking solution offering effortless electronic visiting cards and harnessing the magic of NFC technology.  So, grab a cup of your favourite brew and let’s dive into the digital future!

Farewell to Uninteresting Business Cards

Say goodbye to traditional print business cards made of dull, disposable paper. Gone are the days of accumulating a stack of cards at networking events, only to lose them in the depths of our pockets or wallets.

With NFC digital business cards, networking becomes effortless! Simply tap your smartphone against another device to get started. Like magic, your contact information is instantly shared. It resembles a contemporary digital rendition of a secret handshake!

Unlocking the Power of NFC Technology

Curious about all the buzz surrounding NFC technology? Near-field communication, or NFC, enables devices to communicate with each other simply by coming into close proximity.

Most modern tablets and other devices come equipped with NFC, including your smartphone. This technology not only enables contactless payments but also revolutionizes how we exchange contact information.

Creative Use Cases for Your NFC Business Card

1. Link to Your Portfolio

For artists, designers, or creative professionals, an NFC business card serves as a gateway to your online portfolio. You can pre-program your card to direct people to your website or online portfolio, enabling them to explore your work in detail. This leaves a lasting impression on your skills and creativity.

2. Showcase Your Social Media Profiles

NFC business cards offer a platform to display your social profiles effortlessly. Simplifying connections on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter helps you stay engaged and enriches your online presence.

3. Share Multimedia Content

Utilising NFC technology allows you to trigger the opening of a video upon someone tapping your NFC card. This video could encompass a brief introduction of yourself, a product demonstration, and more.

Integrating multimedia content enhances the engagement and interactivity of your card, leaving a lasting impression on the recipients.

4. Collect Contacts Automatically

Transform traditional networking by configuring your NFC business card to gather contact information from others. When individuals tap their phones on your card, it can prompt them to input their details, which are then directly sent to your contact list. This streamlined process saves time and ensures you never miss out on potential contacts’ information.

5. Book Appointment

In the age of remote work and virtual meetings, your DBC NFC card serves as a convenient access point. You can incorporate links to Calendly on your card, allowing individuals to schedule meetings with you directly upon tapping the card.

6. Lead Generation Station

Utilize your NFC business card to capture leads at events. When individuals tap your card, they’ll be directed to a customized landing page where they can exchange their contact information for yours.

Additionally, you can encourage potential customers to message you on WhatsApp or call you directly, providing multiple avenues to generate leads through DBC NFC business cards.

7. Interactive Product Demos

In businesses involving product or service showcasing, leverage your NFC business card to provide interactive product demonstrations. Program the DBC card to link to a mobile app or web page offering an immersive experience of your offerings.

For instance, as a real estate agent, your NFC card could direct you to a 3D virtual tour of a property for sale. In the fashion industry, it could lead to a virtual dressing room where recipients can try on digital versions of your clothing line.

This interactive approach captivates potential clients, offering them a preview of your offerings and making your NFC business card a standout and valuable tool.

8. Gather Feedback

You can invite your contacts to provide feedback by tapping their phones on your NFC card after a productive meeting or presentation. This could yield valuable insights to help you refine your networking and presentation skills.

Stand Out in the Tech Crowd

In today’s thriving tech sector, competition is fierce. To stand out from the crowd, your IT startup needs that extra edge. Enter Sailax DBC NFC digital business cards! Not only do they leave a lasting impression, but they also showcase your commitment to innovation.

Impress your potential clients and business associates, bringing you one step closer to dominating the tech industry!

Never again run out of cards!

Picture yourself networking at an exciting tech conference, only to run out of paper business cards. Disaster! But fear not, with Sailax DBC NFC digital business cards, you’ll never face that problem again.

Share your contact information effortlessly with everyone you meet! Be the networking pro who’s always ready to connect, the talk of the conference.


These are a few wonders that the NFC business card can do for you. They offer a wide range of creative possibilities beyond the traditional paper business card. It is a modern tool for making connections and leaving a lasting impression. By utilizing these eight creative ways to use your NFC business card, you can enhance your networking efforts, showcase your skills, and make memorable connections in the digital age. Embrace this innovative technology, and you’ll be well on your way to standing out in the professional world.

So, fellow technological trailblazers, it’s time to say “goodbye” to the cumbersome old paper business cards and “hello” to the NFC digital business cards that will power networking in the future. You have the ideal tool at your disposal with Itzme to design a personalized, cutting-edge business card that will make you stand out in the competitive world of digital entrepreneurs.

Accept the future and use the power of NFC technology to control your networking destiny. With Sailax DBC as your guide, you’ll soon be impressing prospective clients and business partners with just a tap. Therefore, start tapping, connecting, and preparing to rule the tech world!

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Digital Business Card

Sustainable Connections- Reducing Environmental Impact with Digital Business Cards

In today’s fast-paced world, where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, every effort to reduce environmental impact counts. One area where this is particularly relevant is in the realm of business networking. Traditional paper visiting cards, while once essential, now pose a significant environmental challenge due to the resources required for their production and disposal.

By embracing digital business cards, individuals and organisations contribute to a greener future while fostering seamless networking experiences. This shift not only aligns with sustainability goals but also underscores the importance of embracing innovative solutions to address environmental challenges. Through the lens of sustainability, we explore the transformative potential of digital business cards in shaping more eco-conscious networking practices and reducing our collective carbon footprint.

The Problem with Traditional Print Visiting Cards

A Wasteful Tradition

For decades, traditional paper business cards have served as indispensable networking tools. However, their production comes at a significant environmental cost. Consider the resources required: trees, water, energy, chemicals, and transportation. When multiplied by the millions exchanged daily, the environmental toll becomes evident.

The Disposable Nature

Paper business cards often meet a swift fate, swiftly discarded after the exchange, resulting in a staggering amount of waste. Their journey ends in landfills, increasing deforestation, pollution, and climate change. This disposable trend not only harms the environment but also undermines the enduring impressions networking endeavours to foster.

Environmental Benefits of DBC Business Card

Redefining Sustainable Networking

Traditional paper business cards come at a significant environmental cost, contributing to deforestation, pollution, and climate change. The disposable nature of paper cards exacerbates the environmental impact, leading to alarming levels of waste.

In contrast, DBC business cards offer a sustainable solution that mitigates these environmental challenges:

i) Saving Trees, Conserving Resources- By embracing DBC, professionals contribute to forest preservation and habitat protection. The shift from paper to virtual business cards reduces the demand for timber, minimising water consumption, energy usage, and chemical waste associated with paper production. This approach fosters resource conservation and supports a greener planet.

ii) Carbon Footprint Reduction- DBC business cards significantly reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for physical transportation and printing processes. This reduction in carbon footprint plays a crucial role in combating climate change and its adverse effects on the environment.

iii) Portability and Accessibility- With DBC accessible on smartphones, professionals can conveniently carry their entire networking portfolio without bulky stacks of paper cards. DBC smart cards are available anytime, anywhere, empowering professionals to network seamlessly and make lasting impressions.

iv) Interactive and Engaging- DBC business cards offer interactive features that surpass static information. Integration with social media handles, personalised messages, and multimedia elements fosters dynamic networking experiences, enabling professionals to stand out in a competitive landscape.

By embracing Sailax digital business cards AKA DBC, professionals not only streamline their networking efforts but also contribute to a sustainable future, making environmentally conscious choices that resonate beyond business interactions.

The Persistence of Print-Visiting Cards

While the transition to digital business cards is gaining momentum, traditional print visiting cards still hold sway in many professional circles worldwide. Despite increasing awareness about environmental sustainability, the use of paper cards persists due to entrenched habits and perceptions.

The environmental impact of print visiting cards is significant. The production process involves the consumption of vast quantities of water, energy, and raw materials. Trees, the primary source of paper, are harvested, leading to deforestation and habitat loss. Additionally, the manufacturing of paper cards involves the use of inks, chemicals, and coatings, further contributing to environmental degradation.

In particular, the production of paper cards consumes substantial amounts of water, with estimates suggesting that it takes approximately 10 litres of water to produce a single A4-sized sheet of paper. The ink used in printing contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can pollute air and water sources if not properly managed. Chemicals used in paper production also pose risks to both human health and the environment.

Despite these environmental concerns, print visiting cards continue to be exchanged at an alarming rate, perpetuating wasteful practices and contributing to ecological harm. As awareness grows and sustainable alternatives like Sailax digital business cards gain traction, it is imperative for professionals to reconsider their reliance on paper cards and embrace eco-friendly solutions for networking.

Embracing Sustainable Networking with Sailax DBC

In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, it’s imperative that we rethink our approach to networking. The shift from traditional print visiting cards to digital business cards represents a significant step towards sustainability. Sailax DBC offers a compelling solution that not only streamlines networking but also minimises environmental impact.

  • By adopting Sailax DBC’s virtual business cards, professionals can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and reduction of carbon emissions.
  • The transition from paper to digital eliminates the need for paper production, ink, and transportation associated with print cards, thereby reducing waste and pollution.

Switching to Sailax DBC is a straightforward process.

Begin by creating an account on the Sailax DBC website or downloading the mobile app. Customise your digital business card with essential contact information, logos, and multimedia elements to make a lasting impression. Once created, share your Sailax DBC card effortlessly through email, text, social media, or QR codes.

As we navigate towards a more sustainable future, let us embrace innovative solutions like Sailax DBC’s digital business cards. Together, we can foster meaningful connections while protecting our planet for generations to come.

Make the switch today and join the movement towards sustainable networking with Sailax DBC.


1. Why should I switch to Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards, like Sailax DBC, offer a sustainable alternative by eliminating the need for paper, reducing carbon footprint, and fostering eco-friendly networking practices. By making the switch, you actively contribute to a greener future.

2. How do digital business cards contribute to sustainability?

Digital business cards significantly reduce environmental impact compared to traditional paper cards. By eliminating the need for paper, energy-intensive production processes, and transportation, they help decrease deforestation, pollution, and carbon emissions. The digital format allows for seamless sharing, eliminating the disposable nature of traditional cards and promoting a more sustainable approach to networking.

3. Is it challenging to transition from traditional paper cards to virtual business cards?

No, transitioning to Sailax DBC’s virtual business cards is a straightforward process. Simply create an account on their website or download the mobile app. Customise your digital card with contact information, logos, and multimedia elements to make a lasting impression. Sharing your digital card is easy through email, text, social media, or NFC.

4. What multimedia elements can be incorporated into Sailax DBC's digital business cards?

Sailax DBC allows users to customise their digital business cards with various multimedia elements, enhancing their visual appeal and impact. Users can incorporate logos, images, videos, and other interactive elements to make their digital cards more engaging and memorable. This feature not only provides a dynamic and modern touch to networking but also offers a creative avenue for individuals and organisations to express their unique identity and brand image.

5. What advantages does the Enterprise Panel bring to onboarding new team members, and how does it contribute to a unified brand identity?

The Enterprise Panel streamlines the onboarding process for new team members by offering the creation of shared templates. These templates, defined by administrators, allow individuals to create their Digital Business Cards effortlessly while adhering to established design standards. This not only saves time but also contributes to a unified brand identity by ensuring that each team member’s card follows the same look and feel, reinforcing the professional image of the organization.

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The Mobile Networking Revolution
Digital Business Card

The Mobile Networking Revolution: How Digital Business Cards are Reshaping Connectivity

Digital business cards are gaining popularity at an exceptional rate due to their affordability, sustainability, and complete customizability. What sets them apart is the perpetual availability – they never run out, eliminating the need for frequent reordering. This innovative solution aligns perfectly with the modern age, where adaptability and eco-conscious choices are at the forefront of business practices.

The networking realm has undergone a remarkable transformation, primarily driven by the widespread adoption of mobile devices. With smartphones becoming an integral part of our daily lives, the way we connect, communicate, and exchange information has evolved significantly. Amidst this digital revolution, Digital Business Cards have emerged as a seamless and innovative solution, seamlessly integrating into the changing landscape of mobile networking.

The Rise of Mobile Devices in Networking

The Rise of Mobile Devices in Networking

The advent of mobile devices was the initiation of a new era in networking, redefining the way individuals and businesses interact. Mobile phones have evolved from mere communication tools to powerful computing devices, connecting people across the globe at the touch of a button. The surge in smartphone usage has given rise to an interconnected world, where information is exchanged in real-time, transcending geographical boundaries.

The proliferation of mobile devices has led to a shift from traditional networking methods to more dynamic and accessible platforms. Social media, instant messaging apps, and cloud-based services have become the norm, fostering a digital ecosystem where individuals and businesses can establish and nurture connections effortlessly.

Digital Business Cards – A Modern Networking Solution

Digital Business Cards - A Modern Networking Solution

In this age of connectivity, print business cards are gradually becoming obsolete. The Sailax DBC has stepped in to fill the void, offering a contemporary and sustainable solution for networking in the digital era. These virtual cards leverage the power of mobile devices, enabling users to share their professional information seamlessly and efficiently.

Sailax Digital Business Cards allow users to create a personalized and interactive profile that can be shared with a simple tap on a smartphone. This eliminates the need for physical cards, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable networking culture. The digital format also allows for dynamic updates, ensuring that your contacts always have access to your latest information.

Integration with Mobile Devices

Digital Business Cards are designed to integrate seamlessly with mobile devices, capitalizing on smartphones’ features and capabilities. The cards are accessible through web links or QR codes, making it easy for recipients to save and access the information on their smartphones. This integration ensures that networking becomes a fluid and instantaneous process, aligning with the fast-paced nature of modern business interactions.

Additionally, digital business cards can be easily stored in digital wallet applications, further enhancing their accessibility. This convergence of digital business cards with mobile wallets streamlines managing and organizing professional contacts, eliminating the clutter associated with physical cards.

The Interactive Edge

Unlike print visiting cards, digital versions offer an interactive edge that engages recipients and leaves a lasting impression. Sailax Digital Business Cards support multimedia elements such as images, videos, and links, allowing users to showcase their portfolios, projects, or achievements directly from their virtual cards.

This interactive feature not only enhances the user experience but also provides a more comprehensive and dynamic representation of one’s professional identity. As mobile networking evolves, the ability to convey a rich and engaging profile becomes increasingly valuable, and digital business cards serve as a versatile tool to achieve this.

Real-time Updates and Customization

In the dynamic world of business, staying current is paramount. Print business cards, with their static information, often need to be updated shortly after printing. Sailax Digital Business Cards address this issue by allowing users to make real-time updates to their profiles.

Whether it’s a change in job title, contact information, or a recent accomplishment, users can instantly update their digital cards, ensuring that their network is always informed with the latest details. This adaptability aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of modern business relationships, where staying relevant is key to success.

Global Connectivity

The mobile networking revolution has obliterated geographical barriers, allowing individuals and businesses to connect globally with ease. Sailax DBC contributes to this global connectivity by providing a universally accessible and shareable format for professional information.

Through the power of mobile devices, users can exchange digital cards seamlessly, fostering connections across continents. This level of accessibility is particularly beneficial for businesses with international reach, as it enables them to establish and maintain relationships on a global scale.

The Bottom Line

Sailax DBC

The mobile networking revolution has brought about a paradigm shift in the way we connect and communicate. As mobile devices continue to play a central role in shaping the future of networking, innovative solutions like Sailax Digital Business Cards are redefining how professionals exchange information.

Sailax DBC works on the phenomenon of “modern problem requires a modern solution.” In a world that thrives on real-time interactions and dynamic connections, digital business cards offer a sustainable alternative to print visiting cards. With seamless integration into the mobile landscape, interactive features, real-time updates, and global accessibility, these digital cards are at the forefront of the evolving networking landscape.

As we navigate the digital age, embracing tools that leverage the power of mobile devices will undoubtedly become essential for individuals and businesses alike. Sailax DBC stands as a testament to the transformative potential of technology in reshaping connectivity and enhancing the way we network in the modern era.

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5 Ways Digital Business Cards Can Propel Your Rebranding Efforts
Digital Business Card

5 Ways Digital Business Cards Can Propel Your Rebranding Efforts

Simplify your rebranding process with Sailax digital business cards popularly known as Sailax DBC smart cards.

If your organization is navigating the intricate path of rebranding, every decision becomes pivotal. Amidst high costs and potential pitfalls, ensuring a seamless and effective rebrand is paramount. Enter Sailax DBC, the premier digital business card for enterprises, offering a centralized solution for business cards and email signatures. Learn how DBC can streamline your rebranding process, control costs, and accelerate the successful evolution of your brand identity.

Cost-Efficient Rebranding with DBC Digital Business Cards

Rebranding with DBC Digital Business Cards

As your organization delves into the intricate process of rebranding, the financial stakes are high, with the average rebrand costing between 10 to 20 percent of the marketing budget. From a basic refresh at $90,000 to a complete overhaul exceeding $350,000, these costs are substantial. 

In this landscape, the need to recreate and reorder business cards for the entire company emerges as a significant, albeit often underestimated, expense. Sailax DBC’s digital business cards offer a solution to this challenge. Beyond streamlining card creation and distribution, they are a cost-efficient alternative, mitigating the expenses associated with traditional business cards. 

In a detailed analysis comparing various printed business card suppliers, including Zazzle, Moo, Vistaprint, GotPrint, and Staples, DBC found that a 500-person company could save over $32,000 annually by going digital. This substantial cost-saving approach doesn’t just end with financial relief but extends to leveraging additional branding tools embedded in DBC’s enterprise package, providing a comprehensive and economical solution for your rebranding needs.

Empowering Your Rebrand with DBC Virtual Visiting Cards

DBC Virtual Visiting Cards

Sailax DBC goes beyond traditional visiting cards, offering a comprehensive solution for rebranding. With DBC Business or DBC Enterprise, you’re not just getting a digital business card; you’re providing your organization with powerful digital tools that champion and embody your brand. Let’s explore why Sailax DBC stands out in the realm of rebranding solutions.

1. Streamlining Your Rebranding with DBC

Executing a brand rollout involves updating a myriad of content, from brand messaging to visual elements, and this is no small feat. Sailax DBC simplifies and accelerates this process through robust user management integrations. 

In DBC’s online platform, making changes is a breeze. Whether it’s updating your logo, integrating a new marketing video, or revising social handles across all cards, a simple update to your card template ensures a seamless and rapid transition.

2. The Added Value of Digital Business Cards to Your Business

While traditional paper visiting cards were once instrumental in brand awareness and networking, their value has diminished with changing times. The increasing cost of paper, environmental concerns, and a decline in face-to-face interactions have led many companies to reconsider the use of paper cards.

Sailax DBC’s research indicates that virtual visiting cards offer a higher ROI compared to their paper counterparts. With digital business cards, your team can expect increased engagement — more follow-ups, greater card distribution, direct traffic to your company website, and a higher yield of valuable contact information. Embracing digital not only aligns with contemporary business practices but also enhances the impact and reach of your brand.

3. Seamless Integration of Marketing Materials with Digital Cards

After investing considerable time in updating marketing materials for your rebrand, it’s crucial to leverage them effectively. DBC facilitates direct integration of your rebranding efforts into your digital cards. Whether it’s your refreshed logo, mission statement, website, video content, PDFs, one-pagers, or links to slide decks, Sailax digital business cards serve as a dynamic canvas for showcasing your brand evolution.

Unlike print visiting cards with limited space, virtual business cards provide an unlimited platform, allowing you to encompass all aspects of your business and ensure that every piece of vital information is readily available to your audience.

4. Embrace Sustainability in Your Rebranding Approach with Sailax DBC

As businesses increasingly adopt sustainability initiatives, Sailax DBC aligns seamlessly with your commitment to environmental responsibility. Traditional paper business cards contribute to deforestation, with the majority ending up discarded within a week. In contrast, Sailax DBC users have collectively saved 38,700 pounds of discarded business cards, prevented 39,000 pounds of carbon emissions, conserved 260,000 gallons of water, and preserved 650 trees—all within the past year.

By choosing Sailax DBC, your rebranding journey becomes an eco-conscious initiative, allowing your business to witness the tangible environmental impact of every digital card shared. Connect with our sales team to explore how your brand can contribute to a greener future through digital networking.

5. Strengthen Brand Recognition with DBC Smart Cards

Amidst rebranding, winning over your audience becomes paramount, and leveraging existing communication channels is the first step. While conventional mediums like social media and official announcements are crucial, often-overlooked avenues can yield substantial returns.

Your employees are a potent marketing asset, serving as the frontline ambassadors for your brand. From sales teams engaging with customers to every team member interacting with a wider audience, your workforce becomes an integral part of your rebranding campaign.

To harness this potential effectively, equip your team with the tools needed to seamlessly share your new brand identity. Sailax DBC emerges as the linchpin for creating a grassroots rebranding campaign. Craft a compelling digital business card encapsulating your brand essence. This accessible card can be effortlessly shared by your entire team—whether in-person via QR codes, text, email, Apple Wallet, Apple Watch, or remotely using virtual backgrounds and email signatures.

With Sailax DBC, your team possesses a versatile asset that facilitates the smooth promotion of your rebranding, ensuring that anyone they connect with can view and save your company card without the need for account creation or app downloads.

The Power of Sailax DBC for Your Corporate Rebrand

Power of Sailax DBC for Your Corporate Rebrand

Embarking on your corporate rebrand journey with Sailax DBC is seamless and efficient. With both Business and Enterprise plans tailored to accommodate teams of all sizes, whether you have five employees or a vast workforce, DBC is equipped to facilitate a comprehensive card creation for your entire organization.

  1. Craft a Dedicated Rebranding Card

Initiate your rebranding efforts by designing a digital business card exclusively dedicated to showcasing your brand transformation. This card serves a dual purpose—internal circulation within your organization and external distribution. Share insights into what’s new, provide directions on where to explore further information, and grant access to every member of your team for widespread dissemination of the rebranding message.

  1. Circulate Cards Across Your Entire Team

As a DBC Enterprise customer, you’ll benefit from a designated Customer Success Manager, simplifying your account setup process. In this consultation, you’ll gain insights into crafting and disseminating digital business cards harmonized with your rebranded identity. This method proves to be not only cost-effective but also highly convenient for generating business cards for your entire team, increasing the likelihood of extensive sharing. 

On average, DBC users share their digital business cards 60 times a month, accumulating to over 700 cards annually, surpassing the distribution of traditional paper business cards which typically hovers around 500 per year.

  1. Establish Branded Email Signatures

Email remains a top communication tool, making it vital for your team to consistently represent your brand identity in every correspondence. DBC simplifies this process with email signatures that seamlessly link to your digital business card.

Choose from a variety of designs to align your team’s email signatures with your rebrand, capturing the attention of recipients. This not only fosters a cohesive brand image but also enhances connections and drives more traffic to your business.

  1. Evaluate the Impact of Your Digital Cards

Informed decisions rely on data, yet businesses often invest in traditional print visiting cards that offer no tracking capabilities. DBC changes the game by providing robust in-app analytics and seamless integration with Google Tag Manager.

Leverage DBC’s enhanced analytics to trace your card’s Return on Investment (ROI) and key lead generation metrics. Dive into performance, engagement, and activity metrics on individual or team cards. Uncover deeper insights through data tools enabling aggregation, comparison, and export of card and template data with customized views, filters, date ranges, and diverse visualization options.

Ready to Transform Your Brand with Sailax DBC?

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, DBC Business and Enterprise plans cater to your needs. For a detailed exploration of DBC Business or DBC Enterprise, reach out to our dedicated sales team.

As you step into the realm of rebranding in 2024, harness the power of DBC’s cutting-edge features to leave an indelible mark on your audience and effortlessly communicate your revitalized brand identity.

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Future-Proofing Connections- Exploring the Relevance of Business Cards in 2024
Digital Business Card

Future-Proofing Connections- Exploring the Relevance of Business Cards in 2024

As we embrace the full-fledged return of in-person events and networking, digital business cards are set to become a staple for professionals across all industries in 2024.

In a world adapting to the evolving ‘new normal’ amid global fluctuations in Covid cases, establishing meaningful connections in the business realm has taken on a new and somewhat complex dynamic.

The traditional paper business card, once deemed effective, now feels outdated, and simply exchanging phone numbers lacks the nuanced touch of professionalism. As we navigate this shifting landscape, a digital solution emerges as the modern answer to these challenges. Enter Sailax DBC, a dynamic and efficient way to connect, network, and share information in an era where traditional methods fall short. In this blog, we explore the relevance of business cards in 2024 and how digital alternatives are becoming the go-to solution for professionals across diverse industries.

Transitioning Beyond Paper Visiting Cards

In a landscape where personal connections remain crucial, the relevance of business cards endures. Yet, the conventional paper format feels antiquated in our digital era. Even with attempts like NFC cards, challenges persist. What’s essential is a comprehensive digital networking solution adaptable to both remote and in-person scenarios—the Sailax digital business card. Here’s why it has emerged as the modern response to professional networking.

Traditional paper business cards are grappling with the challenges of the digital age, prompting the need for a more versatile solution. Despite the attempts with NFC cards, they bring their own share of complexities. The Sailax digital business card emerges as a seamless and contemporary alternative, perfectly suited for the demands of the modern professional landscape. Whether engaging in face-to-face networking or connecting remotely, Sailax DBC bridges the gap, making professional interactions more dynamic and efficient.

Embracing DBC- Revolutionizing Networking with Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards redefine networking by offering a seamless exchange of information. Sailax DBC, the top-rated digital business card app on the App Store and Google Play, stands out for its innovative features. With DBC’s free online business cards, you can create a virtual business card in minutes. Their business plans include unique features like video profiles, YouTube video embedding, PDF attachments for marketing materials, and the flexibility to create multiple cards for various purposes. Discover how DBC transforms networking into a dynamic and personalized experience.

Crafting Impactful Digital Business Cards

Whether you’re opting for a traditional paper card, NFC business card, or a modern digital business card, choosing the right content is crucial for effectiveness. From the constraints of a tiny paper card to the expansive possibilities of a digital one, five key elements should be on your business card:

Your Name

Your identity is paramount. Make sure your name is prominent and easy to read.

A Photo

Make a memorable impression by including a professional photo.

Basic Contact Information

Provide essential contact details such as your phone number and email address.

Your Website

Direct recipients to your online presence for additional information.

Marketing Collateral

Elevate your card by embedding marketing collateral like PDFs or videos.

Discover the art of balancing information on a business card for maximum impact.

The Everlasting Impact of Digital Business Cards

The Everlasting Impact of Digital Business Cards

In a world evolving towards digital interactions, digital business cards have firmly established themselves as a lasting solution. Traditional paper business cards, with their limitations and challenges, are giving way to the simplicity and efficiency of digital alternatives.

Exploring the trajectory of digital business cards, Sailax DBC has been a pivotal player in the global business community. Recognized for its user-friendly approach and innovative features, Sailax DBC has consistently prioritized simplicity and adaptability. The platform has evolved to align with technological advancements and now extends its offerings to cater specifically to the professional landscape, addressing legal and personal considerations.

Despite these enhancements, Sailax DBC remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental sustainability. The philosophy of contributing to a greener world is unwavering, reflecting a dedication to both technological progress and ecological responsibility.

Digital Business Cards in 2024: A Future-Ready Networking Solution

In the fast-evolving landscape of networking, DBC’s digital business cards emerge as the epitome of simplicity and effectiveness. Easy to create and manage, these digital cards present your business in a visually appealing manner, aligning perfectly with the innovative spirit of 2024.

As we step into a year marked by continuous innovation and a transformative approach to work, the traditional practice of showcasing your business with a stack of paper becomes increasingly obsolete. The need for a dynamic, forward-thinking solution is more evident than ever. Whether you’re attending a networking event in person or connecting remotely, the power of an electronic business card transcends the limitations of traditional methods.

In the era of heightened digital interactions, Sailax digital business cards stand as a testament to the evolution of networking tools, providing a future-ready solution for professionals and businesses alike.


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The Necessity of Digital Business Cards Beyond the Classroom
Digital Business Card

Empowering Educators- The Necessity of Digital Business Cards Beyond the Classroom

Discover the essentials of business cards for educators in this comprehensive guide. Uncover the reasons why educators need business cards and learn how to craft them effectively.

Embracing business cards in the realm of education has become increasingly essential, spanning from early to higher education. However, the conventional concept of business cards often associated with corporate professionals may not align with the unique needs of educators. This guide is tailored to educators, providing insights into the distinctive world of creating and utilising business cards within the educational landscape. Featuring authentic feedback from educators, it serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to craft meaningful and purposeful business cards in an academic setting.

The Reason Why Business Cards Are Necessary for Educators 

While the conventional association of business cards also known as visiting cards often revolves around sales, real estate, or corporate executives, the reality for educators is markedly different. Jim Wasserman, a retired teacher, emphasises that ‘people outside of education don’t realise what a connection-based profession it is.’ In this context, the significance of digital business cards becomes apparent. 

Aldi Agaj, CEO and Founder of Alter Learning underscores that the value of business cards ‘in networking and professional branding can’t be overlooked’ for educators. From fostering professional connections, a practice beneficial for everyone, to teacher conferences and engaging with students and parents, the accessibility of digital business cards becomes the linchpin for unlocking opportunities and facilitating seamless communication within the academic community and beyond.

Why are professionals switching to digital business cards?

professionals switching to digital business cards

As the trend toward digitalization sweeps across various sectors, educators are also embracing the shift, especially in the realm of business cards. Digital business cards, often referred to as virtual business cards, are gaining popularity in the education sector due to their enhanced storage capacity, advanced contact management, and versatile sharing options.

Educators, recognizing the need for efficient contact management and modern communication methods, are increasingly gravitating towards the benefits offered by digital business cards. Let’s explore why educators are making the shift to embrace the virtual era.

  1. Cost savings

Given the often tight budgets in education, physical business cards may not be a feasible expense. Digital business cards, such as those offered by Sailax DBC, allow individuals to create up to four cards for free. Additionally, team, school, and business plans offer substantial cost savings, with potential reductions of up to 50% on business card expenses.

  1. Sustainability

The push for more sustainable practices resonates strongly with educators. Virtual business cards provide a straightforward solution to reduce paper usage, aligning with the broader goal of minimising environmental impact. This sustainable choice allows teachers to contribute to the ongoing efforts to lessen their ecological footprint over time.

  1. Tailored Cards for Every Educational Encounter

Tailored Cards for Every Educational Encounter

In the diverse landscape of education, interactions span various stakeholders, from fellow educators to parents, students, and individuals outside the education system. Each engagement demands specific and relevant information. Traditional business cards fall short in this aspect as they offer a uniform set of details.

Enter Sailax digital business cards—the versatile solution for educators. With the ability to create multiple cards, educators can tailor their information for different audiences. Parents receive essential school contact details, students access classroom resources, and professional connections get LinkedIn profiles and email addresses. This adaptability ensures that every interaction is met with precisely the right information.

  1. Endless Supply, Zero Worries

The logistical challenges of maintaining a constant stock of physical business cards are well-known—costs, time constraints, and the potential for misprints or delays in shipping. DBC Digital business cards eliminate these concerns. Educators no longer need to fret about running out of business cards at a crucial moment. Casey Chung, Program Manager for Digital Media at Polk State College, experienced the advantage firsthand during an Open House event. Reflecting on the event, Casey shared, ‘It’s handy to have something to give, but I underestimated how many were taken. I managed to run out. With digital business cards, such concerns become a thing of the past, ensuring educators are always ready for any professional engagement.

  1. Unified Branding for Educational Institutions

In the realm of education, the representation of a school extends beyond the classroom. From expressing school values to sharing contact information and marketing collateral, maintaining a consistent and professional image is paramount. Digital business cards prove to be invaluable for organisations of all sizes in achieving this goal.

Sailax DBC smart card templates enable the creation of uniform cards for everyone associated with your school. These templates offer custom content controls and facilitate bulk updates, ensuring that each member adheres to the established branding guidelines. With built-in analytics, a contact manager, and various other features, digital business cards emerge as a potent tool, particularly in higher education.

  1. Empowering Students for Future Success

Digital business cards aren’t just tools for educators; they also serve as valuable resources for students. Alongside established online platforms like LinkedIn and Handshake, an increasing number of colleges and universities recommend students leverage digital business cards as networking tools to kickstart their careers.

Chris McGuire, the founder of Real Estate Exam Ninja, emphasises the impact, stating, ‘Encouraging students to create and use business cards, whether physical or digital, helps instil a sense of preparedness for their future careers. It teaches them the importance of presenting themselves professionally and making meaningful connections in their academic and professional journeys.

Maximising Business Cards in Education

Educators possess a knack for ingenious applications of various tools, and business cards are no exception. Beyond conventional uses, such as networking, sharing class information, or even recycling old cards for innovative projects, educators have found diverse ways to integrate business cards into their daily practices. To understand the creative applications of business cards in education, we sought insights directly from educators. Here’s a glimpse into their inventive utilisation of business cards.

Innovative Applications of Business Cards in Education

1. At Conferences

Erin Eng, Founder and CEO of Admissions Sight, emphasises the importance of business cards in professional networking events. Eng asserts that business cards go beyond the exchange of contact information, portraying credibility and commitment. “It’s about making a lasting, professional impression,” she affirms.

2. Course Attendees

Marty Zankich, Director and Owner of Chamberlin Real Estate School extends business cards to course attendees. Zankich notes, “While some may not use the information immediately, the subsequent spike in website traffic indicated that these cards serve as a valuable resource for those seeking my education services.”

3. Fostering Collaboration

Aldi Agaj emphasises that business cards play a crucial role in academia by fostering collaborations and showcasing a commitment to education innovation. Networking in academia goes beyond career advancement; it’s about sharing ideas and learning from others. Educators, being lifelong learners, use networking as a vital source of knowledge in their quest for continuous learning and improvement.

Ready to Elevate Your Educational Network?

Explore the dynamic world of digital business cards and embark on a journey of enhanced networking possibilities. Dive into our comprehensive guide on digital business cards, and for a seamless start, visit our pricing page to discover more about the Sailax DBC plans tailored to meet your educational needs. Let’s redefine how educators connect and share information in the digital age!

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All You Need to Know about Digital Business Cards App
Digital Business Card

All You Need to Know about Digital Business Cards App

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the way we exchange contact information has undergone a profound transformation. At the forefront of this change is the Digital Business Card app— Sailax DBC App! an innovative solution poised to redefine the traditional networking experience. In this blog, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the Digital Business Cards App, shedding light on its features, benefits, and how it can revolutionize the way you connect in both personal and professional spheres.

The Digital Business Cards App: Redefining Networking in the Digital Era

As the business world embraces a more virtual existence, the Sailax DBC App emerges as a beacon of efficiency and convenience. Forget the days of fumbling through stacks of paper cards or worrying about running out during crucial networking events. The DBC app condenses your professional identity into a sleek, digital format that can be effortlessly shared and accessed anytime, anywhere.

Join us on a journey through the key facets of this transformative tool, from its user-friendly interface to its eco-friendly approach, and discover how the Digital Business Cards App is not just a technological upgrade but a paradigm shift in the way we connect and network.

Mastering the Art of Digital Networking

In the fast-paced evolution of networking, technology is steering the course of how we conduct business and connect with others. The transition toward a paperless and eco-friendly society is reshaping not only our business practices but also how we exchange crucial contact details.

The once-unquestioned reliance on paper visiting cards is giving way to a more efficient and sustainable solution—the Digital Business Cards App. In our contemporary digital world, managing and exchanging physical pieces of paper has become cumbersome and, frankly, outdated.

Professionals across diverse industries are increasingly gravitating towards virtual visiting cards as the preferred means to seamlessly share information with new contacts. This shift is particularly notable among professionals who understand the pivotal role relationships play in propelling business growth and enhancing the bottom line.

But what exactly are digital business cards? Why are they gaining prominence, and how can you create one for yourself? Join us as we explore the revolutionary approach to sharing contact information through the dynamic format of digital business cards. Discover how this modern tool can not only expand your network but also catalyze the growth of your business in the digital age.

Digital Business Cards by Sailax DBC App

Digital Business Cards known as virtual business cards, electronic business cards, smart business cards, or digital visiting cards, are revolutionizing how professionals connect and share contact information securely.

Much more than a mere digital rendition of a paper card, a digital business card offers a plethora of advantages. It goes beyond the basics, allowing you to embed your photo, create multiple versions with distinct contact details, and tailor it with various calls to action. In essence, it transforms into a dynamic sales, marketing, and customer service tool. The convenience extends further as these digital business cards primarily manifest as mobile and web applications.

Now, you might be sceptical, thinking, “Do we really need another app?” The answer is a resounding yes and for good reasons! Digital business cards bring unparalleled customization, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness compared to their paper counterparts. Many business card apps, like the highly recommended Sailax DBC, even come free of charge. DBC, with its top-rated status on both the App Store and Google Play Store, empowers you to create and share your digital business card effortlessly, enabling you to leverage your network for business growth. With over one million cards received monthly, DBC digital business cards app stands as a testament to the rising popularity and effectiveness of digital business cards in the contemporary business landscape.

What gives Digital Business Cards Advantage Over Paper Visiting Cards

In the ever-evolving landscape of business essentials, the traditional business card is undergoing a transformation. With economic uncertainties looming, the shift from paper to digital business cards is more than a technological advancement—it’s a strategic financial move.

Traditionally, paper business cards were a staple in networking and brand representation. However, as economic landscapes change, the need for cost-effective solutions becomes imperative. Enter digital business cards app, offering a streamlined and judicious alternative. Many business card apps provide a dual model—free basic versions and subscription options for enhanced features. Opting for digital not only refines your business card budget but maximizes the impact of your investment.

DBC’s insightful analysis reveals a stark reality. Individuals investing in traditional paper business cards face an annual cost averaging $64.23, a number that escalates significantly for bulk orders or premium finishes. For a 100-person company, persisting with paper cards translates to a 26% higher expenditure. In contrast, DBC’s tiered pricing empowers larger organizations to trim their business card budget by over 50%. As we navigate economic uncertainties, transitioning to digital is not just a tech-savvy choice; it’s a prudent financial decision ensuring efficiency and long-term savings.

Set-up Digital Business Cards for Your Entire Team

In the era of seamless connectivity, equipping your entire team with the Sailax DBC digital business cards app is not just a possibility; it’s a strategic move. While the transition from paper to digital is undeniable, selecting the right provider demands a thoughtful assessment of your business needs.

Key Considerations for Team Adoption

Functionality- Evaluate the user experience and functionality offered by the business card provider. Sailax DBC stands out with its superior customization options and advanced features.

Additional Features- Look for platforms that go beyond basic contact sharing. DBC excels by providing real-time analytics, versatile sharing options, and integrations with CRM, SSO, and Active Directory.

Administrative Controls- For seamless team management, consider platforms offering robust administrative controls. DBC’s Enterprise Plan is designed to meet the security, scale, and administrative demands of large enterprises.

Integrations- Seamless integration with existing tools is vital. Digital business cards app offers native integration with CRM, SSO, and Active Directory, ensuring compatibility with your current workflow.

Security- Prioritize platforms that prioritize the security of your data. DBC’s commitment to security makes it a preferred choice for enterprises.

Scalability- As your team grows, scalability becomes crucial. Sailax DBC’s platform is designed to scale with your business, ensuring continued efficiency.

Sailax DBC App- Elevating Team Connectivity

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How to Keep-up With the Evolving Digital Networking Landscape Via DBC
Digital Business Card

How to Keep-up With the Evolving Digital Networking Landscape Via DBC

In today’s interconnected world, digital visiting cards/ electronic business cards have become a universal tool, utilized by individuals and large enterprises alike. Discover the significance of digital business cards, their importance in the contemporary landscape, and the step-by-step guide on creating and sharing your own. Join the league of individuals and businesses harnessing the power of digital connectivity through the Sailax DBC app, an essential networking tool.

Spanning the globe from the United States to India and across more than 180 countries, the tradition of exchanging visiting cards remains a pervasive force in networking. For centuries, these cards have served as conduits for sharing contact information, and their relevance persists in our modern era. The exchange of business cards has evolved into an art as social and professional networks expand exponentially. A study in 2020 revealed that in the United States alone, a staggering 10 billion print visiting cards were printed annually—a testament to the enduring significance of this practice.

Yet, in recent years, a paradigm shift has unfolded, ushering in a new era in networking—the era of the digital visiting card i.e. DBC cards. In 2024, this innovative tool has emerged as the pinnacle of networking, revolutionizing the way we connect and share information in an increasingly digital world.

Understanding Digital Visiting Cards 

A digital visiting card is essentially the electronic counterpart to the traditional paper visiting card. Commonly referred to as digital business cards, smart business cards, mobile business cards, or electronic name cards, these digital representations have gained prominence worldwide.

Typically available in the form of a mobile app, the likes of which Sailax DBC, the premier visiting card app on both the App Store and Google Play Store, exemplifies. With this app, crafting and sharing your visiting card becomes a seamless process directly from your smartphone. For those who prefer using a computer, Sailax DBC also provides a web app to cater to your business card needs.

What Makes Digital Visiting Cards Vital?

The significance of digital visiting cards is poised to make them the standout networking tool in 2024. Among the various reasons that make them crucial, here are the top three:

i) Global Accessibility

Unlike traditional paper cards, digital visiting cards break the geographical barriers. They can be shared and received asynchronously, transcending the need for physical proximity. Whether you’re in the heart of a bustling city or the quiet corners of a suburban town, as long as you have a smartphone or computer, you can effortlessly create, send, and receive digital cards anytime, anywhere.

ii) Information Richness

In the era of digital cards, the constraints of a traditional 2×3.5-inch piece of paper are a thing of the past. With digital business card apps such as Sailax DBC, there’s room for as much information as you desire. Moreover, the information isn’t just abundant; it’s also more dynamic.

Sailax DBC’s digital cards go beyond static details; they can feature interactive links, embedded YouTube videos, PDFs, badges, and various other elements. Try incorporating such interactive features on a paper card—it’s simply not possible! The richness of information sets DBC cards apart in conveying a comprehensive and engaging profile.

iii) Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Traditional paper cards come with a set of challenges. A typo or a job promotion means an entire reordering process. However, with digital business cards, you can update your information in real-time, eliminating the need to order new cards repeatedly. This not only saves you valuable time and money but also aligns with eco-friendly practices. Consider this: over seven million trees are felled annually for the production of paper business cards. Opting for digital not only streamlines your business processes but also contributes to a greener planet—one step at a time, making it the epitome of eco-friendly business practices.

iv) Enhanced ROI

Virtual business cards, with their myriad features, outshine traditional paper cards in various aspects. They boost sales efficiency, facilitate compelling marketing, ensure brand consistency, and support event outreach. 

Where to Find Your Digital Business Card

If you’re ready to embrace the digital era of networking, Sailax DBC is your go-to destination. As one of the pioneers in the field, DBC has earned the trust of millions, ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 corporations.

Getting started with Sailax DBC is a breeze, and it won’t cost you a penny. Sign up swiftly either on DBC’s website or by downloading the mobile app on iOS or Android. What sets DBC digital business cards apart is the immediate access to an array of networking features upon registration. From email signatures to virtual backgrounds and a smart address book, DBC goes beyond the conventional business card app experience.

Should you desire a more personalized touch to your card, Sailax DBC’s digital visiting card subscriptions offer an affordable solution. Tailored plans for individuals and companies provide enhanced features and customizations. Benefit from branded QR codes, personalized links, digital visiting cards for your entire team, and much more. It’s not just about a business card; it’s about unlocking a suite of networking possibilities.

How To Share My Digital Business Card?

Share My Digital Business Card

Sending your digital business card with Sailax DBC is a breeze, offering a variety of convenient options. Here are the ways you can effortlessly share your card:

QR Code: In face-to-face interactions, use the QR code on the Send screen. The other person can quickly scan it with their camera to receive your card.

Email: For a formal touch, send your card via email. It’s a classic yet effective method for professional networking.

Text or SMS: Quick and direct, sending your card via text or SMS is ideal for swift exchanges, ensuring your contact gets your details in no time.

WhatsApp: Leverage the popularity and ease of WhatsApp to share your digital card seamlessly.

Copy Link: Copy and paste the link to your card for versatile sharing across various platforms.

NFC: For tech-savvy interactions, share your card using Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.

Social Media: Integrate your digital card into your social media profiles for a comprehensive online presence.

Apple Watch: Conveniently share your card using your Apple Watch for on-the-go networking.

Whether you’re meeting someone in person or connecting from a distance, Sailax DBC ensures you have the right method to share your digital business card with style and efficiency. Moreover, you can even create a virtual background for Zoom or Teams and craft a custom professional email signature to further enhance your networking efforts.

DBC takes digital networking a step further by offering free NFC card sharing. Unlike some platforms that charge premiums for NFC services, Sailax DBC provides the convenience of creating an NFC card with just an NFC tag. This ensures a hassle-free and cost-effective way to enhance your networking experience, showcasing DBC’s commitment to accessible and innovative digital business card solutions. Elevate your networking game effortlessly with DBC.

Ever-Relevant Business Cards in 2024

In the digital age of 2024, business cards remain a powerhouse of networking. Digital visiting cards, with their innovation, accessibility, and eco-friendliness, are slated to lead the way in networking tools. While the medium has evolved from traditional paper to digital formats, the essence of exchanging contact information persists. As long as relationships and connections are pivotal in professional interactions, the relevance of business cards, both in physical and digital forms, will endure, ensuring a seamless bridge between tradition and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of networking.

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The Pros & Cons of Paper Vs Virtual Visiting Cards
Digital Business Card

The Pros & Cons of Paper Vs Virtual Visiting Cards

In the realm of networking and exchanging contact details, the ongoing debate between physical and digital business cards has intensified. Paper/ physical business cards carry a traditional charm with their tactile quality, whereas digital/ virtual business cards boast convenience and effortless sharing. Deciding between the two hinges on grasping the distinct advantages and limitations each format brings.

In this exploration, we delve into the disparities between paper and digital business cards. The aim is to guide you through this decision-making process, assisting you in choosing the option that perfectly aligns with your networking objectives and personal inclinations.

Understanding Paper Business Cards

A paper business card is a tangible card usually sized 85 mm x 55 mm, imprinted with crucial contact details such as email address, phone number, company website, and social media handles. These cards are frequently shared in networking events or business engagements, offering a straightforward and compact means for others to acquire your contact information. Crafted to display your company’s branding, paper business cards function as a visual representation of your business, striving to leave a favourable impression on behalf of your company.

Pros of Paper Business Cards

Tangible and Memorable:

The physical nature of a paper business card offers a tangible experience, fostering a lasting impression and personal connection during exchanges. A well-crafted, high-quality card can be visually appealing and memorable, setting you apart in the digital landscape.

Tradition and Professionalism:

Paper business cards carry a sense of tradition and professionalism deeply embedded in professional settings. They signify a commitment to your professional identity and demonstrate a traditional and credible presentation.

Versatility and Flexibility:

Paper cards provide design flexibility, allowing for various customization options. Different shapes, sizes, paper types, textures, and finishes enable the creation of a unique representation of your brand. This versatility aligns the card design with your industry, style, and personal preferences.


In contrast to digital alternatives dependent on technology, paper business cards are universally accessible. They require no special device or application, offering convenience for individuals who may not be tech-savvy or have limited access to digital platforms.

Cons of Paper Business Cards

Limited Information and Space

The physical limitations of a small card restrict the inclusion of comprehensive details. Incorporating extensive information such as a list of services, multiple contact methods, or multimedia elements like videos or interactive links can be challenging.

Requires a Scanner

Transferring information from a paper business card to a digital format usually demands access to a scanner. This additional step may not always be convenient or readily available.

Need for Design Expertise

Creating an attractive and impactful paper business card often necessitates the expertise of a graphic designer or professional printing service. This adds an extra cost and may require time to find the right design specialist.

Short Lifespan

While paper business cards are exchanged with good intentions, they frequently end up discarded or forgotten within a short period. This diminishes the long-term value and impact of the card.

Frequent Redesigning and Printing

Changes in contact information or branding elements may necessitate frequent redesigning and reprinting of paper business cards. This process can be time-consuming and result in additional expenses.

Consumes a Lot of Space

Accumulating numerous paper business cards can occupy significant physical space, especially if you attend multiple networking events or receive a large number of cards. Arranging and storing them can become challenging as time progresses.

Understanding Virtual Business Cards

Cons of Virtual/ Digital Business Cards

A virtual business card serves as an electronic portrayal of your professional details and contact information. Rather than existing in physical form, it takes the shape of a digital file or an online profile that can be effortlessly shared and accessed through various digital platforms. This modern approach to sharing contact information provides a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards. With virtual visiting cards, the emphasis is on seamless sharing and easy accessibility, making networking more efficient in our digital age.

Pros of Virtual/ Digital Business Cards

Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

Virtual visiting cards eliminate printing costs, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. They contribute to sustainability efforts by minimizing paper waste.

Multimedia Capabilities

Incorporating multimedia elements like images, videos, and interactive links is a standout feature of digital business cards. This allows for a dynamic and engaging presentation, leaving a lasting impression.

Convenient Information Storage

Easily store and organise digital business cards in various digital formats, such as contact apps, email clients, or cloud storage platforms. This ensures quick accessibility and reduces the risk of misplacing physical cards.

Easy Updating

Updating contact information is hassle-free with DBC cards. Simply edit the digital file or update your online profile, ensuring that recipients always have access to your latest details without the need for card reprints.

Great for Contact Management

Seamless integration with contact management systems facilitates efficient organization and synchronization with other digital platforms. This streamlines networking efforts and enhances relationship management.

Easy Customization

Enjoy flexibility in customization with digital business cards. Easily modify design, layout, and content to align with branding or personal preferences, allowing for a unique and personalized professional identity.

Easy Sharing and Accessibility

Digital business cards offer effortless sharing and immediate accessibility. This ensures that your contact details and additional resources are readily available to others, promoting swift and hassle-free networking.

Enhanced Analytics and Tracking

Gain insights into recipient engagement with digital business cards. Track metrics like views, link clicks, and follow-up actions, providing valuable data to measure the effectiveness of your networking efforts.

Cons of Virtual/ Digital Business Cards

Technology Dependence

Virtual business cards rely on technology and internet access. The challenge arises when recipients lack a compatible device or internet connection, hindering access to the card, especially in certain situations or when targeting specific demographics.

Lack of Personal Touch

Physical business cards offer a tangible experience and facilitate face-to-face interactions, creating a personal connection. In contrast, digital cards, while efficient, may lack the same level of personal touch, making it challenging to leave a lasting impression.

Compatibility Issues

Varying compatibility with different devices, operating systems, or email clients can lead to inconsistencies in how digital business cards are displayed or accessed. This potential inconsistency may impact the overall user experience.

Digital business cards present a modern and technologically advanced approach to networking. They bring cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and opportunities for multimedia engagement to the forefront. While lacking the tactile experience of traditional paper cards, virtual business cards excel in accessibility, tracking capabilities, and the ability to leave a digital footprint.


In the ongoing debate between paper and virtual business cards, each option comes with its set of advantages and drawbacks. The decision hinges on factors such as cost, flexibility, tracking capabilities, environmental impact, personalization, security, handling, durability, and the importance of first impressions.

Physical business cards embody tradition and professionalism, but they can be expensive, demand frequent updates, and contribute to paper waste. Conversely, digital business cards offer convenience, easy sharing, instant updates, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness.

The optimal decision is contingent on your specific needs, target audience, adherence to industry standards, and personal preferences. Striking a balance by strategically using both formats might be a prudent approach. Ultimately, whether it’s a physical card or a digital alternative, the key is to select a business card that assists you in forging memorable and impactful connections with your audience like DBC.

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7 Vital Factors to Keep in Mind While Networking- Smart Card Era Begins!
Digital Business Card

7 Vital Factors to Keep in Mind While Networking- Smart Card Era Begins!

In the rapidly evolving landscape of professional networking, the advent of digital technology has ushered in a new era—one where the traditional exchange of paper business/visiting cards is making way for the seamless efficiency of smart cards. As we navigate through this transition, understanding the crucial factors that define the use of digital business cards becomes paramount. In this blog, we delve into the seven vital factors that should be at the forefront of your mind as you enter the era of smart networking.

In an age where connectivity is king, the traditional business card is undergoing a profound transformation. Smart cards, often referred to as digital, electronic, or virtual business cards, are becoming the new norm in professional interactions. The days of sifting through stacks of paper to find a contact are gradually fading, replaced by the convenience of NFC-enabled, electronically shareable smart cards. As we explore the nuances of networking in this digital age, let’s uncover the indispensable factors that can enhance your networking experience and elevate your professional image.

1. User-Friendly Interface

In the realm of smart cards, simplicity is the key. User-friendly interfaces ensure that creating and sharing your digital business card is swift and intuitive. With the touch of a button, you can effortlessly share your contact details, making the process of networking more efficient and engaging.

Navigating the complexities of networking is made remarkably simple with DBC cards. These electronic alternatives retain the traditional charm of exchanging contact information while elevating the experience. The Sailax DBC app offers an interface where you can seamlessly design, update, and share your digital business card. The intuitive features of the app transform the exchange of professional information into a streamlined and interactive affair, aligning perfectly with the ethos of the smart card era.

2. Dynamic Content- Beyond the Static Visiting Card

Digital business cards open a realm of possibilities by allowing dynamic content integration. Beyond the conventional details, you can incorporate links to your professional profiles, portfolios, or even a captivating introductory video. This dynamic approach not only enhances your personal brand but also provides a holistic view of your professional identity.

3. Contactless Connectivity- The Power of NFC Technology

In the smart card era, the integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a game-changer. NFC-enabled digital business cards facilitate seamless information exchange with a simple tap. This contactless connectivity not only eliminates the need for physical proximity but also adds a touch of modern sophistication to your networking interactions. With NFC, sharing your professional details becomes as easy as a brief handshake, leaving a lasting impression on your contacts.

4. Embracing Global Networks

In the era of smart cards, connectivity is not just a local affair; it spans across geographical boundaries. Digital business cards break down the constraints of physical proximity, enabling you to connect with professionals worldwide. These smart cards, powered by NFC technology, facilitate instant data transfer when tapped against compatible devices, making networking at global events or conferences more accessible and efficient.

Moreover, smart cards eliminate the language barrier often encountered in traditional networking. With multilingual support and customizable templates, your digital business card can transcend linguistic boundaries, ensuring that your professional information is accessible and impactful on a global scale. Embracing this connectivity is not just a modern trend but a strategic move in the smart card era, where networking knows no borders.

5. Security Reinvented

Security is paramount in the smart card era, and digital business cards bring a new level of protection to your professional identity. Unlike physical visiting cards that can be easily misplaced or fall into the wrong hands, smart cards offer enhanced security features. Advanced encryption technologies safeguard your contact information, ensuring that it remains confidential and is shared only with your intended recipients.

Furthermore, digital business cards provide control over the information you share. You can choose the details to display based on the context or the nature of the professional relationship. This dynamic control adds an extra layer of security to your networking endeavors, empowering you to navigate the interconnected world of business with confidence.

6. Analytics for Informed Networking

Digital business cards offer analytics tools that provide insights into the effectiveness of your networking efforts. Track the interactions with your digital card, understand which details resonate most with your contacts, and refine your approach based on real-time data.

By harnessing analytics, you can tailor your networking strategies, identifying areas for improvement and capitalizing on strengths. This data-driven approach transforms networking from a traditional, static process into a dynamic and responsive activity. In the smart card era, informed networking becomes a competitive advantage, allowing you to build connections strategically and adapt to the evolving landscape of professional relationships.

7. Sustainable Networking: Embracing the Green Revolution

In the era of smart cards, sustainability takes center stage. Traditional business cards contribute significantly to environmental waste, with millions discarded every day. Digital business cards, however, pave the way for sustainable networking. By eliminating the need for paper production, printing, and disposal, you actively contribute to a greener planet.

Embracing electronic visiting cards aligns with eco-friendly practices, making your networking endeavors environmentally responsible. The reduction in paper consumption, coupled with the energy-efficient nature of digital solutions, reflects a commitment to sustainable business practices. As you navigate the smart card era, consider the positive impact your choices can have on both your professional network and the world at large.

Navigating the Smart Card Era with Sailax DBC 

Navigating the Smart Card Era with Sailax DBC

The advent of smart cards transforms the landscape of networking, bringing efficiency, security, data-driven strategies, and sustainability to the forefront. Digital business cards, with their user-friendly interfaces, dynamic sharing capabilities, enhanced security features, analytics tools, and eco-friendly attributes, redefine the way professionals connect and network.

As you embrace the smart card era, incorporating digital business cards into your networking arsenal can position you at the forefront of innovation. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of business relationships by leveraging the power and potential of digital solutions. The era of smart networking has arrived, and with it, the tools to revolutionize the way you connect, share, and build meaningful professional relationships.


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14 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Paper-Free; A Green Transformation
Digital Business Card

14 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Paper-Free; A Green Transformation

Transform your workplace into an eco-friendly haven by shrinking your office’s carbon footprint. Dive into a paperless future with these 14 straightforward tips.

In the face of mounting pressure for businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices, the quest to trim down carbon footprints becomes a pivotal concern. While many businesses grapple with the challenge of curbing carbon emissions in their operations, a substantial portion can be offset by addressing the issue of office waste. Discovering effective strategies to minimize office waste emerges as a crucial step in the larger pursuit of sustainable practices.

Is a Paperless Office Feasible?

Absolutely! Achieving a paperless office is not only possible but also increasingly convenient with the myriad of online services available today. Even small adjustments, such as transitioning to digital business cards and bolstering recycling efforts, can contribute significantly to reducing workplace waste.

Benefits of Going Paperless

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a substantial portion of waste, particularly from paper products, is generated by workplaces. Beyond the positive environmental impact, companies embracing a paperless approach often experience cost savings. Secure document storage, coupled with time saved in document retrieval, enhances the overall efficiency of teams.

Making Your Office Paperless: Where to Begin?

Making Your Office Paperless

Embarking on the journey to create a paperless office starts with digitizing the routine aspects of your daily operations. Feeling unsure about where to initiate this transformation? Here are 14 invaluable tips to guide you in transitioning your office towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

1. Embrace Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Transitioning to cloud-based file storage systems like Google Drive or Dropbox not only minimizes paper usage but also enhances collaboration. These platforms facilitate the swift and efficient sharing of documents, contributing to a greener environment.

2. Minimize Printer Dependence

Cut down on unnecessary printing by strategically reducing printer availability. Maintain only one accessible printer in the office, making it less convenient to print. Encourage employees to resort to printing only when essential.

3. Digitize Your Documents through Scanning

Efficiently convert physical documents into digital formats by utilizing scanning technology. This practice not only reduces paper clutter in the office but also enables easy access and searchability when integrated into your cloud storage system.

4. Transition to Cloud-Based Fax Services

If your business still relies on fax communications, embrace modern solutions to eliminate paper usage. Switch to cloud-based fax services such as MetroFax, allowing seamless faxing through email, web interfaces, or mobile devices. This step contributes to a paperless and eco-friendly work environment.

5. Embrace Digital Signatures

Eliminate the need for paper-based signatures by adopting digital signature services. This not only enhances convenience and accessibility but also contributes to a paperless office. Store these digitally signed documents securely in your cloud storage system, eliminating the necessity for physical copies.

6. Go Green with Digital Business Cards

Make a significant environmental impact by transitioning from traditional paper business cards to digital ones. Every year, over 7 million trees are felled for business card production, with 90% of these cards discarded within a week. Switching to digital business cards, such as those offered by DBC, not only reduces this environmental footprint but also provides versatile sharing options through QR codes, texts, email signatures, and more.

Enhance both employee satisfaction and company branding by embracing virtual business cards. With the convenience they offer, your employees will appreciate the simplicity of using digital business cards. Moreover, these cards provide unique branding opportunities for your company. Tailor your employee cards to reflect your brand, incorporate links to your company website and social media profiles, and even integrate feature videos for a dynamic touch. Consider exploring digital business card subscriptions tailored for companies of all sizes, such as the offerings provided by DBC.

7. Embrace Digital Invoices

Optimize your purchasing processes by adopting digital invoices when dealing with other companies. Encourage the use of digital invoices for outgoing invoices from your office to clients, making it the standard practice.

8. Digitize Note-Taking with Green Solutions

Encourage a shift from paper-based note-taking by utilizing digital alternatives. Platforms like facilitate collaborative note creation for teams. For those who enjoy the tactile experience of writing, explore reusable notebooks as an eco-friendly solution.

9. Say Goodbye to Single-Use Cups

Revamp your office kitchen by eliminating single-use paper cups at the coffee maker. These cups contribute to unnecessary waste and additional expenses. Encourage employees to bring their mugs, fostering a green and cost-effective approach.

10. Embrace Paperless Marketing

Align your marketing strategy with the digital age. Assess the necessity of printed marketing materials and contemplate transitioning your entire marketing department to the online sphere. Leverage social media, online advertisements, and other digital platforms for a more eco-friendly approach.

11. Boost Recycling Initiatives

Despite efforts to go paperless, some paper usage may persist. Enhance your commitment to sustainability by implementing robust recycling practices. Ensure that all paper and other recyclable materials find their way into dedicated recycling bins throughout the office.

12. Opt for Paperless Billing

Make the transition to online payments and statements. If you’re still relying on paper invoices or statements, consider the shift to digital alternatives. This not only reduces paper waste but also cuts down on the expenses associated with printing and mailing paper documents.

13. Adopt a Digital Project Management System

Say goodbye to traditional to-do lists on Post-it notes. Elevate your team’s efficiency with a digital project management solution like Asana. By embracing such apps, you eliminate the need for paper lists, fostering more streamlined and collaborative task management among your team.

14. Provide Mobile Solutions

Free your team from being desk-bound with desktop computers. Equip them with mobile-friendly solutions such as laptops or tablets, enabling note-taking and access to cloud documents from any location.

Ready to embark on a paperless journey? DBC is here to assist! Bid farewell to paper business cards with DBC digital business cards. Schedule a demo by completing the form below or sign up directly on our pricing page!

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